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Notice: This post is more than 5 years old. I've kept it published for historical purposes but any technical content is most likely obsolete and any other content is probably not any better.

I hate to talk about stuff like this on my blog, but it's better than no posts at all, right?

Anyway, today is Buena Regional HS's prom, and one of my friends is taking me to it. It's actually the first prom that I'm attending, and possibly the last (though you never know). I'm somewhat nervous, mostly because I don't really do social stuff like this. The only school dance that I attended before was a random dance at Drexel, which is not as big of a deal as a high school prom. I also don't really dance at all, other than awkward stuff, but I got a hang of the Cha Cha Slide at one of the FIRST competitions so at least I know something (sidenote: FIRST is pretty awesome). It is kinda odd though that the prom rules include 1) full schoolday dress code is in effect, and 2) no inappropriate dancing is allowed. From talking to other friends at Drexel, it seems like my school has pretty tame proms.

But I got my tux, the flowers are ready, and I hope to see my date's dress soon (she hasn't let me see it yet!). With any luck I don't embarrass myself too badly when the music starts playing.