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Reboot the plane!

Notice: This post is more than 5 years old. I've kept it published for historical purposes but any technical content is most likely obsolete and any other content is probably not any better.

I already have an interesting story from my travels. Everyone boarded the flight from Philly, but as soon as the last person got on, the lights flickered and the flight attendants told everyone to get back off and re-board the flight so that we'd be recorded as being on the plane. My initial reaction: haven't these people heard of persistent storage? Now I imagine a 1970's embedded 1MHz computer controlling the plane. shivers

Anyway, we had to stay off for a little bit because the PA system didn't work. They said it would take 15 minutes to an hour but it only ended up taking 20. The scary part was that the next flight's info showed up on the screen by the boarding area for a bit until they fixed it. Either way, I got to drink some more water while we were in the terminal (I was getting thirsty).

It was pretty fun when we reboarded, though. They didn't even bother to go by zone.

Edit: After we reboarded, they said over the PA that a burned-out bolt was discovered while landing and the whole assembly needed to be replaced, and they had to power down the plane to do so.