Daniel Lamando

Berlin-based Programmer and Designer

Brussels Airport

Notice: This post is more than 5 years old. I've kept it published for historical purposes but any technical content is most likely obsolete and any other content is probably not any better.

So here I am, sitting at the A52 gate in Brussels Airport with my laptop plugged into a step-down transformer which is then plugged into a random Europlug that I happened to come across. That makes for two bricks between my laptop and the wall. Hopefully I'll happen across a travel adapter soon that'll take the step-down out of the equation. As far as money goes I can withdraw Euros from any ATM, but because it's not really a commercialized method I don't know how much USDs I'm paying to get those Euros until afterwards (I have to check my bank account transactions to know for sure).

The flight here wasn't bad. It was my first international flight, and also my first flight by myself, so I was a little nervous and quite a bit confused from time to time. That being said I got past that flight in one piece and the in-flight food wasn't even half-bad (I'd pay for another one of those brownie/cookie/whatever it was).

So far in Brussels the largest difference I've seen is how the advertisements are handled. I don't think I saw a single ad that wasn't as least backlit, and many are animated. Standalone printed ads are on a roller system to scroll between ads, and they're all synced with each other. Every few gates there's a car on display, with running and interior lights on and at least a looping video ad. To cross the huge span between the arrival and destination areas, there's just a really long moving walkway with huge ads on the walls for the entire length. Of course, all of this is probably specific to Brussels Airport, but it's still my first experience in Europe.

I got here at 8AM or so (local time) and it's now noon. My second flight leaves around 4PM. The airport is actually way less busy now than it was before, as in there's like no one here. I'm going to go exploring now, take out some Euros, and hopefully pick up some food.